No Caption?I’m Not Posting!

Integrative Seminar Week 11

This class was all about what we basically do on Instagram all the time! Finding just the right caption for photos.

We were shown a few photos on the projector,and told to say whatever comes up in our minds after looking at the photos.

This photo kept springing up discussions about WHY this hotel is on the wrong side of the road! Some felt it was secluded and almost haunted,while others felt it was cozy and safely tucked away into the woods.
We had conflicting opinions on this photo again.Some thought it was people going about their day,while others thought they knew each other.I like to think of this as a crossroad in life,when you run into someone whom you don’t know will play a significance in your life later.
This picture gives the feeling of contentment and being stranded in panic at the same time.It looks like someone is glad they were left alone?
Everyone had funny things to say about this one.I think he’s been clicked mid-stunt.But he also seems to be walking!
This is where all of us got a little judgemental.We kept saying someone reading alone on a train HAS to mean they’re lonely!
I think this is someone either deep in thought or eagerly waiting for a reply.Could also be someone dreading a reply.

So that’s the end of us discussing pictures and giving them captions.The one thing I realized in this class is just go with the first instinct with the captions you choose in your photos!

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