Project Swacchh

Sustainable Systems Week 8

In our last class, I discussed the parallels that I noticed between Bangkok and Bombay. Now, I wanted to use whatever I had learnt, to create something which could prove useful to our city.

I started off by studying the measures that had already been taken. This included reading up on Govt measures like the Swacchh Bharat initiative, along with several non profit organisation initiatives. I then made use of a research paper format, to try and break down the issue into it’s cause, it’s target audience, the objectives, and the final steps that we could take.

With this came the idea of creating an app interface. I wanted to create an app that aids in waste cleanup, and is quite Interactive as well. Thats how I came up with the Idea of the Swacchh App.

The app was a community service app meant for group initiatives to pick up waste. Mumbai is notorious for having heaps of garbage around every corner. This app would help tracking down these waste hotspots, connect people who live locally, and encourage them to pick up and segregate waste for an incentive. This incentive could be scholarships, coupon codes, wrations, etc. The person would be required to log in to this app with a registered govt id, and give their collection to the nearest Swachh centre, with a reward in return.

This is the UI I designed for the app. I’m happy with how it turned out!You can check out the entire process work on this on my drive below:

Through this project, I learnt how to keep in mind the mentality of an entire community while making a project. I also learnt how to actually plan an app interface from data that I collected, although at a very basic level.

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