The “Me” in Metaphor

Integrative Studio Week 3

This was a continuation of the Integrative Seminar class wherein I wrote down ten metaphors about myself.The task for this class was the abstraction of the metaphors we wrote inside a 4×4 square.We were allowed to use any shape or form for this exercise.These are the metaphors I had to refer to:

  • Ashlesha’s life has a superb cast,but I can’t seem to figure out the plot.
  • Ashlesha can be described as a crossover between a coconut and an onion.
  • Ashlesha’s eyes have a mercury coating beneath them,they’re a mirror.
  • Ashlesha’s beliefs are a tree in a gust of wind.
  • Ashlesha’s head contains a buzzing bee.
  • Eating spicy pani puri reminds me of Ashlesha’s temper,it hits you in seconds and disappears immediately.
  • Ashlesha’s soul is damaged tempered glass.cracked,but still works.
  • If you thought Draupadi’s saree never ends,you should hear Ashlesha talk.
  • Ashlesha’s brain is like machine gears.
  • Ashlesha’s friends are beads on a string.

It is particularly hard to express metaphors figuratively since the comparison is always with a literal object.Thus the mind tends to think of designs which will resemble the object present in the metaphor. After several retries and help from the faculty,these are the designs I’ve made:

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