Introduction to Imaging

Imaging Week 1

Imaging is a class concerning the digital representation of our ideas and concepts.In this class,we were told about the various aspects of digital drawing that we must keep in mind while creating artwork.

Graphics can be of two kinds: Rastor and Vector.

The former is based on the the unit known as pixels,while the latter is based on complex mathematical equations.Each of them have their merits and demerits,but the main distinguishing quality of a vector image and its wide use is that no amount of compression,resizing or zooming can affect image quality.

We were also told about the two colour modes:RGB and CMYK.The former is used for digital media while the latter concerns printing. DPI/PPI is the setting affecting the number of dots/pixels per inch.This needs to be altered according to the requirement of the image,75-100 DPI is recommended for digital use while 300 DPI is ideal for printing purposes.

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