Good Enough to Print!

Imaging Week 15

After I completed all my content pages,I made my zine cover page on Illustrator.I made the background,the text,shadows on illiustrator,but used a high fidelity Image trace of the main graphic in the center.This is because it would simply be too time consuming to make it using the pen tool,and since I’m not confident with Illustrator in general,creating a very important component from scratch was a very bad idea.

The image trace was obviously the same scale as the drawing image,but it wasn’t perfect.So I used the brush tool to make certain corrections and transformed the trace to the necessary scale.I also removed some unnecessary small bits that had been traced along with the main graphic,and then my cover page was ready.

So now my entire zine was finally ready.I converted everything into one ordered PDF before taking it to the print store.I used 170 gsm paper and made it booklet style.This is how my printed zine looks!

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