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Integrative Studio Week 3


Our task for Week 3 was to explore our city through Gestalt’s principles. Brushing up on the principles:

  1. Similarity- The eyes perceive objects that are similar in colour/shape/size etc as one entity.
  2. Continuity- The eyes tend to create a single continuous line and capture a flow while looking at objects.
  3. Closure- We automatically tend to ‘fill in the blanks’, and make sense out of gaps and broken lines/shapes in a composition.
  4. Proximity- The eyes tend to group objects near/in proximity of each other as one entity.
  5. Figure-Ground – We tend to distinguish depth in a composition by deducing what is in focus, and what counts as the background.
  6. Common Fate – The eyes group together objects that move in the same direction.

So this is my idea of the Gestalt principles now. But when the exercise began, I was a mess trying to figure out how to capture the principles in pictures of the locality I’m in.

After looking up pictures clicked with the principles in mind online, I roughly understood the task. So I set out to click my images around my locality. For the most part, it was very awkward to click photos of people,so I stuck to clicking photos in deserted areas.

Similarity/ Proximity
Continuity/Common Fate
Figure ground
Similarity/ Figure ground
Common fate
Similarity/ Proximity
Similarity / Figure- ground

I realise now that a single photo can fit multiple principles in it. In cases like these it becomes difficult to determine which principle is dominant in the photo. Still, I tried to pick out the most prevalent 1 or 2 principles in every photo.

We were asked to pin these to the board and then review everyone’s work. The faculty would randomly pick out a photo. Everyone except the owner of the photograph had to guess which principle applied to that picture. Then the student was allowed to speak and explain what intent the picture was clicked with. In this manner, the students could understand the principles better and also figure out where they were going wrong.

The discussion that took place in this class really helped me figure out how to point out gestalt principles in every photo. In the beginning everyone was shooting wrong answers in the hope that one of them will probably be right. But by the end I understood what the correct answer is,along with reasoning for the same.

We also had to click 2 pictures based on a word describing the film we saw last class,i.e. Amelie. I chose the word ‘Nostalgia’. Here are my photos:

In the second half of the class, we continued our discussion about Invisible Cities that started in Seminar class. We were asked to pick one chapter from the 5 that we read, and list down 5-6 words about it. I had to look at the same city in three different ways,and then put my imagination down on paper as 3x3in thumbnails. Our homework for the week was to complete 3 thumbnails each for 5 of these cities,i.e bring 15 thumbnails.

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