Presenting Awareness

Sustainable Systems Week 6 11/02/20 This week’s class was about compiling all the data we’d collected and presenting it in … More

UN and The SDGs

Sustainable Systems Week 3 21/01/20 In this class,we were introduced to our first project,called Aware Citizen. We discussed the UN,and … More

Are People Aware?

Sustainable Systems Week 5 04/02/20 In last class, ma’am shortlisted a few of our questions to be asked around in … More

Am I Sustainable?

Sustainable Systems Week 2 13/01/2020 For this class,we had to submit a mind map explaining our daily routine and talking … More

What is Sustainability?

Sustainable Systems Week 1 7/01/2020 I think I’m possibly the least sustainable person I’ve ever met. I look at people … More