Planning a Healthy Living (13-14)

Sustainable Systems Week 13-14

We spent these two weeks in thorough discussion and planning of our final module.

Once we received the topics in our groups, we immediately began brainstorming about what we wanted to include in our module. Since our age category was 0 to 12, we had several options and several creative ways to make children understand what was supposed to be done. However, our only barrier was the fact that we had to conduct an online class and not a physical module. Even though we planned everything in the perspective of conducting it physically, we knew that we might have to switch to online mode. And yet we wanted to focus on our project as though we were going to physically execute it, and that’s how we planned everything.

So first we started with just jotting down ideas we thought kids might like. A very popular experiment going viral right now is something involving pepper flakes, water and dish soap. This teaches kids why it is important to wash hands. Since it is so relevant in the times we are in today, we thought this would be a very good experiment to include in the module. The next thing we thought would entertain was a puppet show, including a superhero and villain, since children seem to enjoy this concept. I’d already designed a superhero in the last class, so we just built up on that. Another experiment or activity that we wanted to include was a slime making activity. Here the slime would act as the hand sanitizer, and we would spread some glitter on the surface, signifying the germs. The glitter would automatically stick to the slime, thus signifying that the hand sanitizer has done its job. Slime making is something that kids seem to enjoy, and we thought this would add a very fun but informative element to our module. So based on this brainstorming session, we assigned roles to each member. The last thing that was left to do was to design a bingo for the kids. This bingo grade would have simple day-to-day chores and activities related to hygiene, and the children would get to tick off the things they do every day, to see how well the score on this bingo card. We put this because something that would give them a score of how well they’re doing, would act as an incentive for them to do better in the future.

I was in charge of making the slime and creating the kit box for our module. When designing the box for our module, I wanted to make sure that the box looks appealing enough for kids to open it and see what’s inside. So I found a few bacteria vectors online, which looked evil, and I thought this would give a lot of character to the box. On top of this I also used kraft cardboard for the packaging of the box, to signify the sustainable appeal of it. I was thrilled with how the green of the bacteria was complementing the brown craft box material. I named this box “Beat the Bac” because it acts as a medium to defeat all the germs for the kids.

As for the slime activity, I have been making slime since as long as I can remember. So for me this was something I could do with my eyes closed. I chose a disgusting green color for the slime, going hand-in-hand with our box design and our whole concept. And as you can see, the slime looks disgusting and evil at the same time. And with that we were ready with all the components of our module which we would execute in the next class.

The Bingo Card, courtesy Murtaza Nagaria

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