Time In Motion

Time Week 4


Our pictures lay sprawled out in front of the faculty. A few quick swipes off the desk, and just like that, half of them were gone. And all taken away from the middle of the narrative order. As we looked up, blank, our actual assignment slowly unfolded in front of us- trying to desperately join the remainder of the pictures back together.

The current status was like a teddy bear with its arm ripped off. Then we were told what the remedy would be. We had to use videos from two websites(ONLY THOSE TWO) and use the found footage from them to make sense of the narrative again. Okay. So with a handicapped teddy bear and a rusty sewing machine,I began to stitch.

The first thing I did was looked at what sort of subjects people associated with trains with. This is because I was pretty clear that there would be no sense in keeping the narrative the same anymore. Most of the content I saw online kept relating trains to a “Journey of life”. So I decided that I was going to base it on something related to life.

Now, I started browsing through the two found footage websites. Since my photos were black and white, I wanted to follow the monotone throughout the video I create. So after getting bored of seeing the amazing, high-quality clips from the first site, I switched to the real deal, the Prelinger Archives.

I hoped that I would find something here since practically the entire site is in black and white. I thought of creating a timeline of a person growing up. But after looking at the photos I had, I saw that the number of people kept changing irregularly, and I had to find something to suit that difference as the narrative went by. At the same time, I came across weird tutorial videos on the website. These videos taught social behaviour and absurd topics that don’t need teaching. I came across a video titled ‘What to do on a date’ and thought, “Wouldn’t hurt to learn, I guess”, clicking play. And thank god I did. Everything clicked into place after I saw it. My idea was to represent different stages of a relationship through how crowded the train platform looks. So I dived into the website to start looking for the fabric.

I found three videos, all by Coronet Educational Films (God bless them), and they pretty much linked to each other, titled:

  1. ‘What To Do On A Date’
  2. ‘How Do You Know It’s Love?’
  3. ‘Are You Ready For Marriage?’

As you can see, the publisher practically posted a whole relationship on their page, questioning them at various stages. The content of these videos varies. The first one is a literal tutorial of things to do on a date, the second one shows a young couple hurried to be in love and seeing an older couple, thus realizing they still have a long way to go, and finally the third video talks about a couple in university eager to get married and their parents sending them to a counsellor to make them realize what the right time would be.

Now my task was to pick up short parts from these videos that I needed, manipulate the conversations a little so that the video progresses how I want it to, and of course, represent the beginning of a crush to marriage. Here is my first draft:

I would like to mention that before this assignment, I had absolutely no clue how video editing worked. And yet I started learning by using one of the toughest software out there: Adobe Premiere Pro CC. So after a lot of Youtube tutorials, experimenting, accidentally deleting, laptop crashes, reboots, and the laptop freezing completely, I completed the video in probably 8 hours!

Please click the button leading to the drive link if the video embed doesn’t work.

The feedback I got for this video is to obviously shorten it to the time restriction (under 2 minutes), and try to use the photos better. It is difficult for people to understand the video if I don’t tell them what’s going on first. And lastly, I could try making a few parts of the video abstract. I was also told to make more use of sound besides the dialogues.

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