Capturing Time

Time Week 3


For this class,we were supposed to show up with pictures that described our chosen narrative. I chose the narrative about train crowds,which meant I had to go and capture pictures of the train platform at different times of the day. This proved to be a little challenging,since it takes one push in a crowd for my phone to launch out of my hand and fall! But somehow, I managed to snag a few clicks of the people on the platform. The only thing I could not accomplish was clicking pictures of the same station at different times,which I think would’ve made more sense.Here are my photos:

These photos represent crowds in a train starting at 7 AM,and ending at midnight.

We had to bring these photos with us for the peer review in this class. Following are my peer reviews :

Krisha- Pruning Hands

  • Could include more photos of an action being done instead of only photos of her hand.
  • All the pictures look very similar, maybe a change in pose would help
  • Excessive frames,could be cut down. Maybe replacing one of the hand frames with the hand dipped in water could help.

Shubham- Time in a Movie Theatre

  • Represents time lost in a movie theatre. Very humorous and wholesome.
  • The pictures were a little dark,maybe if they were brighter things would be clearer.

Khushi Ashok Shah- Time taken to reach home on an outstation train.

  • A few excessive frames which could be cut down.
  • Maybe going once in the day and once at night would show the progression through the day better.
  • Clear photos.

The feedback I got from my peers is that maybe the narrative would’ve made more sense if I took photos of the same platform.They also said that a coloured photo would maybe signify day and night better,but I used black and white to focus attention on the crowd,and not their surroundings.

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