Putting Up a Show

Time Week 14-15
16/04/20, 23,04,20

It was time to tie up all loose ends. We were ready with the final song lyrics, with a model of the slide projector, and a documentation video. So we used this time into one final piece.

The first issue was the fact that the slides used for the model were made by someone else. So we could not assemble it together. For this reason, I decided to create a mockup version on video, to show what the projected slides would look like on a wall. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to recreate the slide effect, and incorporated sounds like the slide projector turning, the sound of a fan, and also added some grunge and vignette to make it look like an indistinct slide projector thumbnail.

After this was done, I added the performance audio, and saved it. Meanwhile, I also made a presentation to display all our information in a cohesive manner. Starting with the era and the movies, the presentation takes the viewer through the ideas, iterations, mind maps, and culminates into the main project. Once this was ready, everything was uploaded on the drive, prepared to display.

We were the first group to be reviewed, and I spoke about the era and significance of these movies, as well as a brief summary of them. I also discussed the socio political situation that existed in this time, and how the movies adapted to that. SO, if movies like Babul and Miss Frontier Mail were meant to be enjoyed by the upper classes of society, then movies like Achhut Kannya and SIkander highlighted the soical and political evils of the time.

The main feedback that we received for our project was on the fluctuation in the song. While we had managed to strike the right chord, used the right pictures and words for the final piece, it became a little monotonous and melancholic. So the reviewer said that the only thing we could have swithced up was try to add a little bit of variation in the music, to incorporate the themes of a movie like Miss Frontier Mail.

Overall, I was satisfied with the final outcome. I struggled to get this project done over the last few weeks, mainly due to lack of support over what was supposed to be a group project. But seeing it finally end in an appropriate way was a big relief. I know that I probably could have explored a lot more, made ten more iterations, fi0ve more video drafts and a sturdy slide projector. But under the circumstances I was in , I know I did the best I could . This project made me realise that no one will truly be able to understand this subject called Time. At the beginning of this semester, I truly did not understand the necessity of this subject in our syllabus. Each and every other subject studied had a definite purpose, and I knew what I was doing. But this was the only one where I’d have absolutely no clue what I was up to, and just winged it. But today I understand that this is how it was meant to be all this time. That my ‘winging it’ was my own interpretation of this subject, as it should be, instead of someone else having to tell me what this subject is. If someone asks me what this subject is all about, 15 weeks and 2 projects later I still won’t be able to express it, but deep within I know I have understood this subject to my full ability. And with that, I bid a bittersweet farewell to Time. 🙂

Please find all my final work attached below:

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