Doctor Doctor

Space and Materiality Week 9

The first part of today’s class was our Project 1 review.Basically,we were all to lay down all of our work on a table and wait for everyone to silently judge us one by one.I didn’t really mind at this point since I’d gotten used to the peer reviewing process.The only thing I was worried about was the fact that the ‘stick’ or ‘file’ which was supposed to move through the slots in my model didn’t exactly ‘fit’.So I had to explain this problem and get confused stares in return.But all was good,since I’d exceeded at bringing my concept to life,and it can be seen through the process,right from the concept sketch to the final model.I quickly went to the workshop and got the slots fixed.All good!

The second part of the class was supposed to be the introduction of Project 2.I was sitting ready with my diary and pen to jot down everything,while we were told to clear the benches from the middle of the classroom instead! We had to play a game of ‘Doctor Doctor’.I’ve played this several times as a kid,but was confused about why it’d be relevant right now.Nevertheless,we had a fun round of the game!

As we settled down,it was announced that we had to decide partners for Project 2.I’d already kept this in mind the first time it was mentioned,so I was determined to get the partner I had in mind who I thought would work well with me on this project,Murtaza Nagaria. After quite some commotion and people coming to terms with whom they were paired with,we were finally introduced to the project,based on interspaces.

The whole idea of playing the game was to understand point to point contact between human bodies.Our second project dealt with exploring these contacts,and the negative space around them.The end result was wearable that the two partners could manipulate and express the interaction and the space around it.

Me and my partner came up with a few interactions:

  • Pinching nose with two fingers
  • Slapping
  • Ear twisting
  • Standing back to back
  • Tickling
  • Head touching head
  • Knee to knee (sitting)

A lot of these were rejected for being ‘too violent’.So we finalized on:

  • Knee to knee
  • Standing yoga pose
  • Back to back with arms entwined

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