Moments in Colio

Integrative Studio Week 15

After a lot of agreeing and disagreeing, dragging group members to college, going through several ideas,and last minute tweaks, our final model is finally complete!

Here is a complete analysis of our final model:

Our model represents the streets and the luxury sides of Colaba.
Why we chose this space- We’re all avid shoppers and we were all attracted to the location due to its vibrance and contrasting aspects.(like different kinds of people and changing buildings in the same vicinity,etc)
We’ve focused on representing the colors,structures and surroundings of Colaba through our model.
Use of MDF- the beige colour of the MDF is one of the key colours in our space,lots of structures have it
Wave structures- represent the seaside
The door – represents the Gateway of India,also does the job of holding technical equipment.
The triangular structures- The black and minimalistic style of this structure represents the luxury part of our space. The triangles are kept haphazardly, signifying how the shopping trends when it comes to luxury items are quite unpredictable,as it only suites the tastes of a select few.
The triangles look more empty and scattered towards the top of the model,this relates to a certain hollowness in the personalities of the affluent in the city.
The fairy lights- of course, represent the buzzing nightlife in the area. From snacking at bademiya to strolling across gateway, we’re truly the city that never sleeps,so we’ve draped the lights all across the model.
The mesh- It was initially supposed to go around the model. We scrapped the idea because it took away from the aesthetic appeal and hid most of the model.
Our main idea was to convey the importance of the causeway by showing it as a mesh strip that went around, but we then realized that the other components of our model deserved to be shown off too. So we balanced it out by putting the mesh strip around the circular base.
We used a mesh strip because it helped create the feeling of items suspended from a stand in a shopping stall in causeway. We wanted to try and replicate how the jhumkas and sunglasses are suspended in multiple rows.
The cloth pieces- are all different sizes and patterns, signifying the variety of items one can find in the Causeway. We’ve used the lights also as a way of showing what it would look like if you walked into a causeway stall at night with all the bulbs on along the lane.
The sounds that are heard through the speaker inside are things we recorded ourselves when we visited the location, sounds of the crowd and sounds of a bargain.
Overall, our model is a jumble of different experiences. We are aware that we’ve blended in locations and different vibes,but it is the way our city is!

Our final submission for Integrative Studio.

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