Integrative Seminar Week 1


New day,new year,new decade.And also, new semester! I had no idea what to look forward to as we started college again after a well deserved break. But stepping into the classroom,seeing everyone felt right at home,and soon I was right back on track with wanting to start Semester II well.

We started off by discussing the term ‘Critical Thinking’. Critical Thinking for me sounds like something off the back of a science textbook. I remember reading the term as a heading for some biology questions which didn’t have a ‘straightforward’ answer and needed one to think before ticking the MCQ box. So I perceive it as basically, putting more effort into my thought process and using more analysis,more logic.

This also led to bringing up the word ‘Reflection’ again. Reflecting is all about looking at things how they really are.I like to think of it as changing perspectives while looking at the same situation,seeing if it matches. Critical thinking is the amalgamation of reflection and facts.

The next topic to discuss was Imagination. I understand imagination as a way of compensating for the things we don’t know, or for being unable to foresee what might happen. That is the more ‘real’ part of the word, like making up scenarios which can actually take place in reality. The word can also be taken in a sense of conjuring something beyond one’s senses. It’s a way of creating entirely new concepts. I could imagine a crush liking me back,but I could also imagine a conspiracy theory or an alien invasion.I understood that both were parts of one word, with the difference that one is a possibility, while the other is only something unreal.

If we make a cocktail out of Critical Thinking and Imagination, what results is two concepts restricting each other. Obviously, I can’t imagine logic and reasoning. And I also can’t think critically with my fantastical thoughts meddling in the way. But when there’s just enough of both, it makes space and gives rise to a new ingredient, Creative Writing.

Creative Writing is basically representing imagination and ideas using words. That word has terrified me when I saw it in my English paper though, since to me it meant shooting through the 600 word mark under the last 20 minutes of the exam. So the task given to us was an interesting challenge. We were told to describe our bedroom, using both factors of creative writing to logically and vividly walk the reader through it.Below is my excerpt:


“You know how the phone battery turns red and sends you into a state of panic till you find a charging port? Humans have a battery life like that too. At least I do. And when I can feel my social battery hurtling down fast towards a zero,I can only crave my charging port,my bedroom.

The adapter of this port is my bed. It’s always there,waiting, like staying fitted into a socket. Its solid,brown, with a bouncy mattress inviting me to laze around,have a mental breakdown on, or just sleep like a corpse. Its always got a weird patterned bed sheet on, thanks to Mom’s obsession with constantly changing it.My pillows are lucky if their covers match the design on the sheets, otherwise its just a blunder of whatever came out washed first. I am a pillow fort supporter, and so I like to be surrounded by them when I sleep.

The lights and the fan are the wired network that breathe life into the room. I have a love-hate relationship with the fan above,hating how it never is on the speed I want it to be on,and yet falling asleep to the white noise of its blades whirring. Soft yellow lights behind the bed over the harsh LED tube light above the windows on the left any day. Lights make such a huge difference to the way a room feels!

The one area of the room which transforms me into someone else is my dressing mirror and the cupboards, both on the right of my bed.Its basically me giving validation to myself and boosting some self esteem every morning.

Right in front of my bed is the desk, which is a literal war zone. There’s been times I’ve procrastinated to the point of being afraid of the work lying on my desk,but there’s also been times when sitting at that same desk has allowed my creativity to flow and create something new.

Every single corner of my room is like a thin segment of a copper wire. They’re all wound together,twisted tight,carrying different parts of my personalities and thoughts flowing through them. My bedroom door insulates this conducting wire.And soon as I enter,I feel the USB Type-C plug into my brain!”

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