Blend it Out

Imaging Week 5

In this class I learnt about the blending and gradient tools in Illustrator.

The gradient tool in Illustrator is pretty straightforward.It helps blend two or more colors together seamlessly.

The blend tool works a little differently.Blending can occur not just among colors,but even between shapes,lines,text,and nodes.The blend tool opens up a lot of possibilities to create various forms and can help bring out effects in illustrations.

I also learnt how to use clipping masks and the warp feature.

Clipping masks are used to contain any image in a specific shape.It can help create interesting text overlays and patterns and also helps conform an illustration to a desired shape.

Warping helps modify the artwork by changing specific parts of it in any desired direction.It is especially useful for type,since it can easily shift the shapes of the letters around to create various effects.

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