Galileo Figarooo

Imaging Week 9

Today we were to create movie posters on our own.We could choose any title,genre and create an original poster of our choice.

When someone asks me, ” What’s your favourite movie?”,my brain will immediately delete any movie title that I knew of.And I’ll sit there wondering what I’d watched last,and whether I really did have a favourite movie.I had a similar reaction when I was told to pick any movie of my choice.I decided to stray away from two genres in particular:sci-fi/superhero and rom-coms(since this is what a majority of people watch and thus would recreate)

So after that shortlisting,the one film that came to mind was the legendary Bohemian Rhapsody.I remember dragging my parents watch it while muttering,” I’m telling you,this will bag an Oscar.” And then it did!I had no clue about the band “Queen” before this movie,but after watching it I kept listening to their hits on repeat.

So this came to mind as I was humming the lyrics to the song.Without wasting a moment further,I began working on the poster.I opened an a4 canvas and used the gradient tool to create a yellow-to-purple gradient since it was the color scheme used in the original.I then began adding elements like Freddie Mercury with the mic,the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody in the background,and a descending curved piano as an overlay running diagonally.I made a black assymetrical smear and wrote the title in Serif font,since I thought a Serif font looked more elegant and made sense with the poster.Finally,I added movie credits in the end and my poster was complete!

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