A Walk Through Colio

Integrative Seminar Week 15

This blog is about the making of my final submission, the booklet based on our space.

After sitting and deciding the order of our responses, I had one of my group members arrange them accordingly on Illustrator. I set the theme of our booklet to a beige and brown colour,and decided to use a mix of Script and Serif fonts,namely Hello (a brush lettering font,for titles) and Typewriter (for the body text). I was aware that we were restricted to Times New Roman, but I couldn’t help making this little tweak,since it fit with the colors of my booklet very well.

As explained in my last blog,this booklet was like a stroll through our space. So I decided on the name ‘Walking Through Colio’, Colio here signifies the older name for Colaba.

I made the rest of the booklet according to the format given.

I changed the context a little bit compared to the last draft,as well as increased the number of questions in the questionnaire. The answers were recorded by us, but I translated them and transcribed them for the booklet,so they might differ a little bit from the original Hindi answers given by the vendors.

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