Model In the Making

Space and Materiality Week 8

After putting in a lot of thought,I settled on my final concept sketch.I wanted my model to look EXACTLY like this:

My choice of material for this model were- Teakwood,Aluminium and Copper.

The above concept is a blend between Precision and Repetition.Using a nail file often requires a lot of both.There are times where I’ve spent close to an hour filing down my nails since they are so long,I use a crystal/glass file for filing,since it requires lesser abrasion and is a lot more quicker than a standard metal/sandpaper file,But it also means that every single move of the file does a lot more in one go as compared to the other types.I will often change the angle of my hand and contort it in absurd ways,just so I can get the desired shape.I wanted my model to encapsulate all of this.

The entire finish of the model has several edges.This is kept on purpose.It represents filing things down to an edge.The bending strip is meant to represent my curving and contorting hand.The box inside is showing sturdiness,which I have to keep while using the file.I usually tend to cover the entire fingernail I am working on by my hand,which is seen as the strip almost covers the entire box.And finally,the strip going across is obviously the file itself.When moved through,it also has an acoustic quality to it ,similar to a file used against a fingernail.

Making the model itself was quite an adventure.I went with my peers to the market to buy the wood.I actually understood quite a few things along the way.I had no clue that real wood is only available in long planks instead of the convenient 1ftx2ft sheet I was expecting,and had to haggle and negotiate a way to get the size I wanted.Thankfully,the aluminium sheet was received exactly down to size since it was a leftover scrap sheet.

I am always intimidated by the huge machines in the workshop.Furthermore,I was really tensed since other people had complex mechanisms and intricate models going on for them,and was worried that mine looked too basic.But I knew that my grip itself was quite unique,and that I had genuinely tried my best to abstract it.So i started cutting my plank down to size.

After getting my six pieces of wood,I realized they were not leveled properly.So i had to spend extra time simply sanding them down to size.Coming to the slits,I thought one cm from the top and bottom respectively should be enough.Clearly it wasn’t. I had to make two more slits and was still worried that nothing would pass through.

me making two extra slits.

I stuck the box parts together without seeing if the slits work (big mistake) just because I wanted one component to be complete and intact.Bending the aluminium sheet was comparatively easier,I learnt how to use rivets and how to nail things down in this process.After a lot of time,I finally had two components ready(but literally missing the main strip representing the file itself!)

I got this fixed by realizing that I’d just made slits that were way too small and that the 3.5mm drill wasn;t even close to enough.After fixing the size,everything finally came together the way I wanted it to!

I am aware my model is comparatively quite simple as compared to others,but I’m still quite proud of it.I really look forward to making more models like this!

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