Gestural Sketches

Week 2-Drawing

Maximum detail in minimum strokes was the key to this class.And all of it in a given time limit.

We were given random objects to sketch,and I could see myself having noticeable difficulty in ‘not detailing’ every sketch I made.I had to give my hand and the pencil I held complete control,without letting my brain interfere.Soon enough,I got the hang of it,and saw myself magically being able to interpret something I’d need several minutes for in under thirty seconds.

Continuing the concept of last class,we had to overcome the fear of making a stroke,especially a wrong one.Learning that its okay to make a mistake and that nothing can ever be perfect was a tough pill to swallow,but I eventually came around to doing so, finding enjoyment in what I did instead of worrying about results.

Our home assignment involved making live gestural sketches of compositions we saw around us.Our strokes were to be quick and precise,and encompass the idea of our view.This was challenging, considering that we had only minutes,or even seconds,to capture the entire scene,but also pretty adventurous.I was compelled to observe my daily surroundings in a way I’d never thought of before,the buzz of the market,rush of the train station,and chaos among fishmongers.And I was definitely satisfied with the results.

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