Talk and Map

Integrative Seminar Week 10


In today’s class, we were supposed to bring the 3 mind maps we made last Studio class. We were then made to sit according to our discipline, and discuss the three mind maps with our peers.

The first mind map we all discussed was obviously our first preference,Product Design.

Through making my mind map, I’d really understood the perspective from which I wanted to view Product Design. Similarly, from others’ maps, I learnt how they perceived the subject. I also understood what more I could add to my map, and gave suggestions to my peers about what they could have improved in theirs. 2 of the maps I saw were more about what the end result in product design could be,i.e the products. So they would have categories like ‘Furniture’ which would then branch out to it’s types. Whereas my map talked more about the manufacturing processes and all the behind the scenes work that goes into making a product.

The discussion really helped me understand more about how different people interpret the same thing.It also helped me get more clarity about what exactly it was that I’m getting myself into for the next 3 years.

My maps are all saved in the Drive folder linked below:

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