Dream Cities-II

Integrative Studio Week 5


For this class,we had to show up with 3 iterations for the concept that we’d chosen. As explained in my seminar blog for this week, my idea was to show one city in 6 different parts, as 6 different chapters. So I made the mistake of combining all 6 chapters multiple times in different combinations, to make final iterations.

The first iteration. Here I simply divided the area into 4 and showed the elements of 4 out of my 6 cities.
Second iteration. This is a combination of all 6.

I realised that these were wrong, and what I was actually supposed to do was take one concept and spin it in three ways- in this case my metaphorical cities show books, glass, and hospitals, among other things. I’d have to essentially create an illustration for each of these words, and pick up elements to add from Invisible Cities.

As an exercise, I was told to read the book and note down the design elements I saw from each chapter. Here are my notes:



This exercise helped me in two ways. It made me understand how the author shows the reader a city only using words, and also how to use these simple elements to create a proper imaginary city.