Imaging Week 12

After looking through formats and colour palettes,I could finally start making a digital zine.I honestly took a break from Adobe for a while,since I preferred having my entire hand-illustrated zine ready before making the digital version.So the first step for me,was to scan the entire physical zine.

I feel like I’m still not well-versed with digital media and how the final outcome will look like,so I kept trying to be careful every step of the way.I made sure to find a store with a huge commercial scanner instead of the one attached to my printer,and this was actually a very important decision.I wanted to make an exact copy of my physical zine in the digital version,so I decided to use the scanned drawings,selecting and colour correcting them before I placed them on the canvas of my digital zine.

I decided to make the majority of my zine on photoshop.This is because it allows for a lot more freedom in terms of shapes,opacity,and the kind of irregular structures I needed to make.If my zine had a strict rectangular format,Iike the AI doc in my last blog,I would probably use illustrator for the whole thing.But since the layout was more freeform in my drawing zine,I thought Photoshop sounded better.These are the first few things I made:

I used a watercolour stamp brush to replicate the backround,and then kept the scan on one of the layers as reference.I then used a graphic tablet and chose a round brush to trace my handwriting from the scan on a new layer.Below is a comparison of the scan and the digital file.

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