Am I Sustainable?

Sustainable Systems Week 2


For this class,we had to submit a mind map explaining our daily routine and talking about its most and least sustainable aspects. This is what my mind map looks like:

Instead of making a typical branch out mind map starting from the centre of the page, I decided to make a timeline-style chronological mind map, in order of how my routine goes.

I first split up my routine into basic categories.
I then mapped out the basic least and most sustainable things in each category,and then elaborated on my final mind map.

This chart made me reflect upon things I’m doing wrong and right in my daily life. It also made me put more thought into daily activities and how my actions affect the environment around me. It showed me how everyone’s routines are similar but different at the same time. In the beginning,I was struggling to literally remember WHAT my daily routine looks like! But as I began writing and splitting it into its most and least sustainable counterparts, I understood how to go about it and keep it minimal but detailed at the same time. I realize now that if I made small changes to what I do everyday, I’d probably reduce my carbon footprint drastically, and have less of an impact on my environment.

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