Lines and Dots

Integrative Studio Week 1

A continuation on the topic of Reflection as discussed in Integrative Seminar,this class was about honing my emotions,deciding what they could mean and depicting them on paper as lines and dots.

While this sounded pretty simple to do,it proved to be a strenuous task.Each and every pattern,the placing of every line and every dot had to contain some meaning,some justification.Understanding how to master this and depict it quickly was key.

To help give us some context on how this could be done,we were shown a TedX video by the illustrator Christopher Neimann titled “You are fluent in this language(and don’t even know it)”.The video talked about how we as humans can easily “fill in the blanks” when shown a graphic/illustration and how as designers can exploit this ability to create designs with minimum elements necessary.

The illustrator uses random objects to make an image totally unrelated to the actual use of the object,and uses ink,playing with negative space to allow us to fill in the blanks.

After getting some inspiration,we got to work.We were instructed to make a line/dot composition using single worded emotions.

After understanding basic emotions,we were given more complex topics,such as “My happy place” and “A word to describe my best friend”.My depictions were something like this:

The class ended with an assignment to complete given abstract topics and make 6 swatches for each topic.

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