Peel Back the Layers

Integrative Studio Week 7 17/02/20 The iteration that I finally stuck to was my very first one. I knew that … More

Iterate Away

Integrative Studio Week 6 10/02/20 After the feedback given to me last week, I decided to explore the elements I … More

Champagne Roll

Time Week 6 13/02/20 Now that my video content was confirmed and in place, it was time to start and … More

Fixing Mistakes

Integrative Seminar Week 7 17/02/20 Today’s class was for showing up with a refined draft for my six cities. I’d … More

Presenting Awareness

Sustainable Systems Week 6 11/02/20 This week’s class was about compiling all the data we’d collected and presenting it in … More

Calvino vs Me

Integrative Seminar Week 6 10/02/20 Today’s class was about finding our own faults. We were asked what we thought we … More

Forgive Me, Master

Imaging Week 5 7/02/20 Today’s class was about designing a layout for our Seminar project, i.e. Dream Cities. We had … More