Imaging Week 9 07/03/20 Today we were introduced to our project for Week 15. This project was linked to our … More

Create A Shadow (7-8)

Imaging Week 7-8 28/02/20 This week and the previous one was spent creating my whole booklet for the final time. … More

Forgive Me, Master

Imaging Week 5 7/02/20 Today’s class was about designing a layout for our Seminar project, i.e. Dream Cities. We had … More

In Vogue

Imaging Week 4 31/01/20 This week we were told to get magazines to class. So I found my magazine stock, … More

Lost In Design

Imaging Week 3 24/01/20 Today’s class was an introduction to a completely new software, called InDesign. The faculty first asked … More

G-I-F or J-I-F?

Imaging Week 2 17/01/2020 How do you pronounce ‘GIF’? I don’t get what you’re doing if you say ‘g-i-f’,honestly. Anyway,today’s … More

Warm Up

Imaging Week 1 9/01/2020 This class was about brushing up our Illustrator and Photoshop skills.We were to choose any Bollywood … More