Observations and Inhibitions

Week 1 Drawing

The class begun by showing a movie based on the life(or more correctly,death)of the famous painter,Vincent van Gogh.Titled ‘Loving Vincent’ the film boasts numerous handpainted frames compiled together,forming a motion picture.

It made me question why Van Gogh painted the way he did,his decisions behind every stroke,and how the world around him affected his masterpieces.The makers’ way of displaying the events after his death from a third person perspective involuntarily made me step into van Gogh’s shoes and realize how lonely his life was.

The first drawing class involved being exposed to a pretty interesting medium:Charcoal.Having never worked with it before,it was interesting to see the effects it could create and exploit its potential.Classwork was largely about getting rid of inhibitions and overcoming the fear of drawing.I learnt how pencil and charcoal can both be very unforgiving as mediums,and how mastering them could help conquer other mediums faster.

Context was given to still life,how to make drawing it an interesting experience,and finally ending with an assignment-sketching things I saw around me,in my house.

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