Introduction to Materials

Space and Materiality Week 1

Space and Materiality class involves exploring the possibilities of innovation with an arsenal of materials to play with.The class began by being given weird questions,such as “Why can’t nails be made of rubber?” and “Why can’t underwear be made of glass?”.Though stating possible reasons/answers to these questions,I was introduced to various properties that an material may possess or not possess,which affects its usability in daily life.

The second half of the class was spent in the material workshop,where I saw several tools laid out.The faculty explained the technique and usage of each and every tool available,as well as operation of huge machines like the drill,hot wire cutter,the jigsaw etc.

Our home assignment was to collect 10 Engineered and 10 Manmade materials and research about them,using the parameters we set in the beginning of the class.

Some of the natural materials were tough for me to source,and the assignment made me realize how far we’ve ended up relying on manmade things for simple tasks.

These were to be stuck on a mountboard for clearer display.

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