Create A Shadow (7-8)

Imaging Week 7-8


This week and the previous one was spent creating my whole booklet for the final time. We had a holiday for the Week 7 imaging class, so this blog serves as my progress for those entire two weeks that I worked from home to make the booklet.I actually made several changes, starting off with a definite colour palette. I learnt that colour palettes can really make or break a project, since it makes it much easier to add uniformity to any visual language.

I also tried to experiment with fonts ( only to end up using Times New Roman). I used Market Deco fro my cover, since i thought it looked good. It’s an all-caps and a spaced out sans serif font. For chapter titles, I learnt how to create a border by adding a stroke around the text box, and then changing the corner setting to make it look like a banner. I used a black banner like this around all my titles.

I put my iterations in the booklet, but I thought they looked too boring on their own. So I made some extra illustrations of my own, and stuck to the colour palette I decided. It really made the booklet look much better.

Each of these illustrations represent a city in my booklet. I thought of making a transparent PNG and using text wrap with them, but the way these are shaped is too irregular, and so it became difficult to read around it. So I kept it as a jpeg and kept it separate from the text, so that both elements could be appreciated separately.

My next addition was for adding some colour in the background, since my pages are all white. I added some patterns in a low opacity behind the text, and these were copied and reflected onto facing pages so that it looked like the illustration was connected between two facing pages when a spread was opened. I had a lot of fun with these patterns, and these each represent some element of the city that I am talking about, so it amped up how every chapter looked.I took care to export these as transparent PNG layers, which made life easier when it came to arranging it behind the text.

Initially I’d created a standard ‘table’ of contents, but then I thought, as long as the reader knows where a chapter begins, why should the the format bother? So I made a random whimsical line along a page, and placed page numbers in bold on that with the chapter names. This then became my absolute favourite page, besides the cover, of course.

And finally, I created an illustration for my cover page:

And here is how my booklet looks!

And with that, it was an exhausting end to Project 1!

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