Ideas in Film

Time Week 12


After having deconstructed all the films, we decided to explore ideas related to them. Our movies had the following parallel themes:

  1. Village Life
  2. Romantic Tragedy
  3. Untouchability and Caste
  4. Patriarchy
  5. Dowry
  6. Village Life
  7. Social Disparity
  8. Sacrifice, Disillusionment
  9. Patriotism
  10. Honour
  11. Historical
  12. Resistance
  13. Sacrifice
  14. Female Empowerment
  15. Action and Adventure
  16. Vengeance
  17. Mystery Thriller
  18. Dacoity

Idea 1:

  1. Our very first thought was to make a film reel model, reminiscent of the cameras used in this time period.
  2. The reels would have pictures/illustrations of important scenes from all the movies, and the viewer would be able to rotate a handle attached to the side to ‘roll’ the film, and see the images in the ‘viewfinder’.
  3. However, we received feedback saying that this put more focus on the cinematography aspect of our era, and took away from what was really important, i.e. the social aspect.

Idea 2

  1. Our next idea was to create a flowchart quiz, asking the viewer if they ‘belong in the 1950s’ or an MCQ style quiz, leading to ‘Which 1950’s movie character are you?’
  2. WIth this concept, we were trying to draw attention to the personalities of the characters, and letting social issues shine through in this manner.
  3. This concept was also rejected, since it was leaning toward becoming a game, and that was against the brief given.

Idea 3

  1. Our next idea is split into 2.
  2. This involved creating a performance piece, but supported by a model.
  3. The idea for the model was to make a slide projector, again, using important scenes from the movies.
  4. But this alone, as discussed, could not be our final concept. This would be used as a support for the performance piece, which was a song describing the social issues women faced back in the 40s, and emoting them. This was the idea we finalised on.
    Through these iterations, I understood how to take inspiration from themes present in movies and turn them into something physical. Also, before creating these ideas there was a lot of secondary research that I needed to do, which helped me enrich my knowledge about the era. I understood the technical aspects, of filmmaking in this time too, further helping me in my ideas. I began comparing the mentality of people in those times versus what it is like now, and started thinking about what my actions,and the actions of people around me, would have translated to back in those times. I also got a lot of historical context from Sikander, and actually ended up reading on Alexander’s life and his attempts at conquest. Overall, this ideation helped me put my brain to use, something I had to take to the last year because of lack of support from the group I was in.

My work is attached in the drive link below.

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