Time Week 1


If you thought of Ke$ha’s song instead of that monstrous app,you’re in the right place. It’s crazy because that’s EXACTLY how time has flied,hasn’t it? This is a strange way to perceive time,but its still one of the several endless ways in which we can quantify this term.Our first time class started with the discussion of the question: What is Time?

Each of us had to go write our association with the word time on the board. The first thing I can think of when I think about time is how much of it I waste.By the time I’ve posted this and you’re reading this I’ve probably wasted 6 hours of my day in total unknowingly on my phone.So when I waste so much of it,the only way of getting things done is pure procrastination.That’s exactly what I wrote on the board.It’s probably one of my worst habits.And so everyone wrote about what time meant to them.

We also then discussed how we perceive a movement in time,be it through counting songs,traffic,train stations,or even hair growth.We then discussed a book called The Age of Earthquakes.The book is like a summary of our quickly unfurling digital lives.It makes us realize how much of our daily life has now become dependent on the internet, and how its almost as if the internet is a person of its own,considering the amount of things it knows about all of us.Here are some pages from the book that I found really cool:

We then proceeded to watch a video called “history of the entire world,i guess”.I’d already watched this one before,and it’s the kind of thing Youtube puts in your recommended at 2 AM. The video basically shows a literal summary of everything,starting from the Big Bang to the present.The reason why the video is such a hit is because the narrator sounds like a really bored teenage boy,and the graphic style and sounds of the video are reminiscent of the 90s era.

We ended this class with an assignment to narrate three different ways in which we perceive time.

I learnt that the concept of Time that we use today was probably created by humans to measure a gap between two events,even though natural progression of time has always been there since the creation of the universe.Thus the concept is partially natural,and partially man-made.In my opinion,humans were able to convert time from something abstract to something literal,something quantifiable. I also understood that Time affects design in many ways,such as past inspiration,the process behind a piece of work,or even deadlines for any given project.Lastly,I realized that the most important way in which we could possibly narrate/convey time is through memories-others’ and our own as well.

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