Form First,Not Material

Space And Materiality Week 5

After completing sketches of the grips we chose from several different angles,we had to finalise one grip and make concept sketches for abstraction of the same.Making these was a lot tougher than I’d imagined,since we absolutely could not indicate that it represented a human hand,but still had to capture the essence and working of the grip.

My chosen grip is holding and working with a nail file.The reason why I finalised on this one is because I literally have claws instead of nails,and filing them down to a desired shape takes quite some time.Thus I am very accustomed to working with different kinds and grits of nail files.Using these files requires a bit of experience when it comes to shaping long nails,something that I have learnt over a long period of time.

The faculty suggested that I write down words that I associate with the grip in order to make the abstraction part easier.I wrote down words like:Back and Forth,Correct pressure,Angle,Focus,Satisfaction,Perfection,Annoyance,Precision,Skill,Habitual,Repetition

Based on these words,I came up with 3 concept sketches:

1.Back and forth,Repetition



After explaining each of my concepts to the faculty,we agreed upon choosing concept two to go ahead for my model.

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