Strike A Pose

Space and Materality Week 10

We spent this class clicking pictures of the poses we had finalised last class with our respective partners.This sounded quite easy,but clicking 6 pictures from every angle was actually an annoying task.Big props to my friend who helped out me and my partner in clicking the photos!

Thankfully,Murtaza and I were very clear from the beginning that if we wanted good final models,we must work our way backwards so that we don’t get stuck along the way.So our poses were easy to understand and also unique at the same time.It’s much better to keep an idea of what we wanted next in our mind before shortlisting poses.

Our three poses were:

  • Knee to knee(sitting)
  • standing yoga pose
  • Back to back

Following are the pictures we clicked:

We then had to draw these and exaggerate the interaction,just so that it helped us finalise concepts while referring to these sketches.Initially it seemed like a pain and really unnecessary to draw these,but further along while we were discussing our concepts,these turned out to b e really useful as a guiding reference to where our models will go on our bodies.(Thus the scribbling around in some places.)

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