Ama-zine Day

Drawing Week 8

Today was our Drawing peer review.I conveniently assumed that we’d have to exchange sketchbooks with one person only.But when I saw the table layout changing I realized that everyone would be able to see my work.I am extremely conscious about my work for some reason.I have a weird relationship with getting feedback,sometimes I crave for it and sometimes I hate it.I wasn’t looking forward to flipping my sketchbooks in front of classmates,specially when I was aware that there are better sketchbooks than me in class.

But when my turn came,I stood in front of everyone and did it anyway.And it wasn’t so bad.I took them through what went on in my head according to every piece of work,and told upfront that I knew where my mistakes were.Watching everyone’s different styles and thought processes was interesting as well.

After going through all the books,giving and receiving critique,I got the Studio Day list.I was relieved to see my own name,and a few other names were quite interesting since their books weren’t selected for how ‘pretty’ their work looked,but more for how they had progressed over the last few weeks.

We were introduced to what our second project was going to be about,and it was something called a “zine”.Zines are publications made by individual people,often limited in number,to tell a story,or send a message.This was the first time I had ever heard of this concept.We were told that we would now truly be able to express ourselves,have our own characters and really explore the minds of our characters.In the end we would have a proper turntable illustration about our character,and then along with using skills we learn in Imaging,finally come up with our own publication.

We were presented with Sir’s own personal collection of zines,ranging from community zines to individual concepts with a range of themes.My personal favourite remains a Zine which was a compilation of stories narrated by kids living in Dharavi,through broken and childlike illustrations.I thoroughly enjoyed the content.Personally,I do not like minimalist content which is ‘supposed’ to have a deep interpretation because I want to understand the meaning of what I read spontaneously.So I did not enjoy the aesthetic looking,poetic 4 sided zines as much as I enjoyed this thick zine filled with lively content.

A few of the zines shared with us.The Comics Epidemics zine is my favourite!

We were told to build up a concept for our zines gradually so that we could start working on their content.

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