Is This Over Yet?

Space And Materiality Week 15

“Is this over yet?”was the question we all kept asking each other over and over again in the extended time period we got for completing our finals.The agenda for this week was to get over with our final models.

We tried to make the best out of the materials at hand,and at the same time make sure the model differs it’s prototype somehow.We were practically sitting with a foot rule to keep checking whether our model fits the restriction.

After some serious (and last minute) efforts,we finally had three concrete final models.

Our first final model is for our knee to knee action.The difference between the prototype and the final is the single groove in the prototype and two grooves in the final.This makes a huge difference,however,since the two grooves provide a lot of stability and prevents the sliding component from tilting.Other than that,we switched the MDF for teakwood,and the PVC pipe for a bent aluminium sheet. The two oval handles are meant for pulling by the other person to bring the knees together.
The second final model is for the leg to leg interaction.We switched out the denim for the jute rope since it is much stronger and can support our weight better.We could not replace the PVC pipe used on the shoulder for support,so we kept it as it is.Although the model looks big,when the jute ropes are folded it fits the 1 ft size.
This is the last model,for back to back.We made the prototype out of foam,but later replaced it with pine wood for the final,attached to an MDF base.We attached adjustable bag straps along the shoulders and our waist.We then tighten it after wearing,buckle it in place,and it prevents us from touching our backs together.This one is again teetering to cross the given restriction,but we have tried to keep it at 1ft.

With these models finally done,we could then conclude this project and wrap up everything related to it.As happy as we were about getting them done,we were also anxious about it being approved by our faculty.Fortunately,we got a green signal and were briefed about what to do in our external review.And thus we ended our last Space and Materiality class with a wave of contentment and a truckload of memories!

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