Peaches to Apples??

Imaging Week 7

Today was all about being as non destructive as possible.

Layer masks and clipping masks are used to hide parts of an image and use layering to create something entirely different out of it.It is different from cropping or erasing since the latter cannot be undone at any given point of time later,but masks can be put on and off according to our convenience.

Our first task was to ‘convert’ peaches to apples using only masks.We were given a specific image off of Google,having half colored and half white peaches with a hand.It was actually really time consuming for me to figure out how to place the layers and what to mask,and what to show.Finally,I figured it out and got the result.We were also taught how to use the dodge tool and the adjustments.We had to make a movie poster sort of image by desaturating a woman,making her look pale and superimposing a man beneath.

The next two tasks looked something like this:

Along with this,we also had our submission for the five posters today.I am dissatisfied with a few,but then also happy with them.These are my posters!

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