Wearable Concepts-3

Space and Materiality Week 11

The absolute pain when it came to thinking of good concepts has to be the back to back pose.I don’t think I’ve ever felt this blank on ideas as compared to what my brain went through during this one!One thing was clear,I had to either help the backs touch.or prevent them.

My first concept idea was to make protruding wooden staircase like structures which would be strapped to our backs.Since the protrusion patterns wouldn’t match,it would not allow our backs to touch and resist the action.This exact model was not feasible since it exceeded the 1ft limitation but we did not want to give up on this idea just yet.

So we decided to modify this concept to make our next one.Instead of the staircase style,we thought of a wooden ‘board game’ style.This meant arranging equally sized blocks in a grid format.These b locks would then be stacked one after the other,at different heights so that the resulting structure blocks our backs.We developed a prototype for this one.

The next idea was to create two vests with jute ropes in between.This would keep us connected and help touch the backs together.Although there was no ‘movement’ or anything interesting in this idea,we decided to try it out anyway to see where it takes us.Thus this also became a prototyping concept.

.The next idea we had was to tackle with the intertwining hands.We wanted to explore trying to prevent our hands from tangling at the elbows.So I thought of a hand brace sort of structure which would be attached to our forearm and upper arm,with an angled PVC pipe so that a triangular shape is made with the angle of my arm and the pipe.We sadly did not take this concept ahead,but it was a cool idea.

Our next concept was about the backs again,this time we decided to make a vest with velcro on the back that joined our backs together.Due to it’s simplicity,we directly prototyped this one.

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