Introduction to Photoshop

Imaging Week 6

I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to learn Photoshop properly.Ever since I realized what exactly Photoshop was,I’ve always been curious about how this crazy complex software works.So many tools,so many features,all in one place,used by literally everyone, right from the printer shop near my house to the professional paparazzi selling photos worth crazy amounts of money.

So when the class begun I was already experimenting with whatever little previous knowledge I had about the software.It turned out I was using exactly what would be taught to us first in this class,the selection tools.

Selection tools are probably the backbone of Photoshop.And knowing their importance,Photoshop has given a plethora of tools at our disposal just for various kinds of selection.Tools like the Marquees,Lassos,Quick selection and Magic wand make things easier by helping us pinpoint parts of the canvas that we want to transform,copy or remove.We were given an exercise to get us accustomed to these tools.We had to convert the first image given to us into the second by selecting things and rearranging them.

This was a breeze to do and gave me an understanding about what kind of selection tool to use for which object.

After this,we were informed about layers,their importance,and taught clipping masks.We also learnt about using drop shadow and how to create a polaroid effect using existing images.Clipping masks are a little difficult to understand at first but once we understood them as a ‘non destructive’ way of editing an image,wherein parts of the image were ‘hidden’ to modify it using layers,things made more sense to me.

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