Inquiry or Enquiry?

Integrative Seminar Week 11


Last class, we were told to write a one-page report on our discipline of choice and how it contributed to design as a whole. I was looking at Product Design,and how it represented design to me and where it stood in terms of design as a whole.Here is my report:

From the report, I understood how I myself relate to product design. The research I did for my product design mind map ended up greatly helping me write this report. I stressed upon the psychological processes that go behind making a product.This is because PD is a discipline that is usually looked at as being very technical and mechanic, and consisting almost entirely of straightforward machine related processes. But making the maps and writing the paper helped me understand that it is not so, and that the very first thing a product designer needs to do is to empathize with the user.

In the class, we discussed what an inquiry and an enquiry is. Up until now, I’ve honestly been using both the terms interchangeably, but now I realize the significant difference between both. An enquiry would be used as a synonym to ‘ask’, and so it is used for generally asking questions. But an inquiry would be a formal investigation. So if an enquiry could be represented as a casual question, an inquiry would be a ‘how’ or ‘what’ statement that demands an in-depth analysis as an answer.

So I learnt the meaning and difference between these words. This made me notice questions that I came across in an article or just randomly on social media, and I automatically started distinguishing them as an enquiry or an inquiry.

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