Wearable Concepts-2

Space And Materiality Week 11

The next interaction that we had to ponder on was Leg to Leg.This one has been tougher due to usage of the whole body and the size restriction of 1 ft.So we had to keep in mind that our models could be folded/dismantled to the given volume.

Our very first concept for this one was to make two “slider shoe” models fitted exactly to both our feet,and then attach them with a thick block of foam in between so that our feet can’t touch.This one was an instant hit with both of us,one of the first concepts to get approved and prototyped.It was a simple idea but did the job very well.So this one definitely went for prototyping.

The next idea was a vertical V hinge like mechanism,which retracted and straightened out according to the movement of the foot in the air,and had handles attached to it which me and my partner could pull on.You can clearly tell how vague this sounds and how tough it is for me to explain,so this one was not practical.It did not make sense to try and attempt making a huge model the size of our legs only for it to not work.Hence this one was binned.

Instead of making things so complex,we decided to explore some sort of support from our shoulders to our ankles.So we thought creating an elongated shoulder wearable with strong straps on it,that would help us suspend our knees.It seemed to be convenient and easy enough,so we decided to prototype this.

Another idea was to create a wooden track for roller skate wheels.These wheels would each hold a stand for our ankles to fit in and move.But we unanimously thought that it was getting a little too similar to an idea our faculty had shown us from last year,so we avoidedd it.

Instead,we decided to try out a stationary version of this.Two curved half-cut PVC pipes holding our ankles in place as we stand,assisting and supporting our interaction.We thought this was feasible and so we went ahead to make a prototype out of it.

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