Lines and Dots-3D

Integrative Studio Week 2

The class was essentially about bringing the boxes we made about our emotions in the previous class come to life.We had to make a 3D version of the boxes,playing with relief and texture,and let the contours and shadows of our project affect the abstraction of the idea behind it.

We were to use bond sheets,cut them and stick them according to the designs we made in our sketchbooks.It took a little time to understand the process,and getting accustomed to translate 2D into 3D in a way that the project did not lose the essence of the idea used behind it in the first place.

After getting used to it,I started understanding how to manipulate the paper to represent the idea that I want.The actual method itself was definitely tedious,cutting and sticking paper made to fit in a 4×4 space was not easy.But for me,the main motive of the exercise was to take my time,and solidify the idea I want to convey as I make a physical manifestation of it.

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