Linear Drawing

Drawing Week 4

This class took me back to reading topography maps in school,except the class was actually enjoyable(unlike the 20 mark monstrosity in school).Linear drawing is an art form which allows one to portray an object simply by showing its contours using lines.It can be quite tedious at times,since the rule of linear drawing is that all the lines should be parallel,none of them can cross over.

We started off by drawing our own hand,palm facing up,using only parallel lines.The condition given here was that we were forbidden from mapping an outline of our hand before beginning,and that we had to directly go in using a pen.This was quite a risky task ,since it forced us away from the comfort of a pencil and eraser,and made us estimate the proportions of our hand mentally. I placed dots to give me an idea of the dimensions of my hand,and began drawing the lines.This is what my attempt looked like:

I then moved on to basic shapes,a watch,and finally my shoe.I was glad to see that as I did more objects,I showed progress in being able to capture the form of the object using simply lines and no rendering at all.

My home assignment was to draw objects around the house and use the linear drawing technique.These are my attempts:

Overall, I definitely enjoyed this method and am looking forward to implementing it in my artwork.

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