Peel Back the Layers

Integrative Studio Week 7


The iteration that I finally stuck to was my very first one. I knew that this might be completely wrong, and that others are doing it differently, but I was pretty sure that this was the city in my mind that I wanted everyone to see.

The city itself is made up of several metaphors. There is the glass house metaphor as discussed in the previous blog. The books represent how someone who knows more bookish knowledge is considered to do better in life. I chose domes in the government area since domes are a symbol of power. They are usually erected on structures used for meetings, discussions and taking a decision. This connected with the concept of a highly classified, controlling government that my city had. The hospital buildings are shown as crosses. I wanted to symbolise the concept of crossroads. Crossroads are usually linked with a yes/ no 50-50 probability. There can be only two outcomes, but it is tough to predict which one. This is how the nature of human life is. A split second difference literally means life or death in a hospital. Hence the shape choice. Besides this, there’s also the obvious reason that any medical aid or first aid facility is usually represented with such a cross.

The rectangular rows in the back show a water purification plant, attached to a large vacuum sucking water from a nearby water body. The employees working the tanks follow a hierarchy system and their sons join the same profession. Thus they can never leave this cycle.

I then started extracting my 6 layers.

After extracting them, came the painful process of tracing and cutting them out of ivory sheets. Besides the fact that my hand was completely sore , the major issue I faced was trying to avoid cutting something I need by accident. It is easy to draw on paper but one really needs to give in proper thought before cutting it out.

I marked the bottom and sides of my box so that I knew where I’d glue the layers. I made a mistake here by accidentally gluing one of the side flaps in the wrong direction, so as a result I had to leave two seams on the outside. I clearly understood how to imagine the box in my head at this point.

The bottom was pretty easy to stick, but the real issue I faced was on the sides. While one side left a gap, the other side I practically wrestled with to keep it stuck. This was the trickiest part for me in the whole craft process.

Here is my final box:

I think I’m happy with the neatness because I know this is probably the maximum I can do without losing patience! The shapes cut in the box are very close to the 2D iteration.I like the side to side overlap as well since that way I can see all the layers.

I know that I’m not sticking to the original concept. But in my opinion this is the most cohesive way for me to represent my ‘City of metaphors’ theme.

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