Judgement Day

Integrative Seminar Week 7

When I heard that my essay was about to be read by someone else except the faculty,I was absolutely terrified.I have always been very conscious about people seeing my work,especially my writing.I consider myself to be a moderate writer,and I always think that the person reading is going to give me some feedback that I’m not ready to hear.So I was completely stressed as I brought my essay printout for Peer Review.

The faculty split us up into random groups of three and we were to review each other’s essays.My essay was to be reviewed by a classmate,Rakshita Nahata.Rakshita gave me an 8 out of 10 on my essay,and I was actually pleased by my score.This was the feedback she gave:

I am contemplating whether to change my essay title or not.I have a feeling that my peer did not catch up on the concept of evolving as a person that I meant to convey in my essay.But still after she suggested that I change my title,I myself felt that I could make the same meaning more interesting.I think the 8/10 score that I got is a justified one.

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