Drawing Weird Limbs

Drawing Week 7

This class was an interesting take on a difficult topic-foreshortening.Foreshortening is a game of ratio and proportion.Honestly,if someone can figure it out,they’ve basically aced human figures.It is basically a technique implemented to make sure human figures when drawn don’t look disproportionate or look like they are bending in weird ways.Essentially, its what the name says,anything relatively nearer in the ‘fore’ground will be of a different size to something farther away,and the distance between them ‘shortens’.

We were given an exercise to draw a partner live in whatever pose he/she was doing.My partner was holding his phone in one hand and a bottle in another,while sitting on a chair.This is my attempt at drawing him:

After this,it was specifically said that we were going to break “gender stereotypes.”This sounded pretty exciting.The task itself was that all the boys were to draw fairies,while the girls were to draw automobiles.I have actually never tried to draw cars much before.I have one steady vehicular structure that’s always in my head which I keep using whenever I need.I tried to switch things up and draw a truck-style car in perspective:

The vehicle came out slightly wonky,but I understood a little about how parts of the object get shortened due to perspective while some parts become bigger.Our home assignment was to try and draw humans in perspective and imagine the foreshortening in our heads.I think I still need a lot of practice to get it right.

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