What is Inclusiveness?

Elective Week 1

My very first Elective class felt like diving into a completely different realm I’d never thought of before.Titled ‘Reimagining Inclusive Spaces’, it revolves around designing spaces which makes various categories of people feel ‘included’.Accessibility is a huge part of inclusiveness,and disabled people play a huge role in this regard.I realized that there are innumerable ways to say the word disabled,and if you listen to all of them one after the other,it starts sounding stranger by the second.This is because terms like ‘Differently Abled’ or ‘Specially Gifted’ almost start sounding ironic considering that disabled people are ‘un’able to do certain things and several aspects of our normal daily life is a challenge for them to conquer.

When we see this in progress,as a normal person,instead of making them feel as regular as possible,we make a big deal out of showing sympathy or making the person socially inactive.I realize now that my task as a designer today not only involves changing up spaces,fashion,products,etc,but also involves changing such mindsets.Only if that happens it could be possible to implement the new ideas that I would come up with in the following weeks.

Another category to discuss was gender.I learnt how its a taboo in india for the third gender to even exist,and our sexuality is largely determined on our biological configuration.As other countries progress in this regard by bounds and leaps,we are still stagnant,concrete on rigid beliefs.It is definitely about time that gender fluidity and LGBTQ is normalized in India.

Overall.the class was an amazing sudden change in perspective and it made me extremely eager about the weeks to come.We were given an assignment to create a poster about any issue under this subject.The following is an LGBTQ one liner I came up with:

The above poster is concerning LGBTQ awareness.The double inverted commas used in the tagline indicate a tone of mockery which is usually associated with the above phrase.The phrase itself,of course,is a subtle consensus of the kind of illogical arguments and comments people in the community face.The phrase also belittles and trivializes something integral to the identity of an individual,and this should be stopped.

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