Time In Motion II

Time Week 5


Today’s class was for working on the feedbacks given last class, and create our second time draft.

Some basic changes I made to my video are:

  • I shortened the video as much as I could. The video now runs 1:58 minutes long (close call)
  • I sped up sequences which do not need to be focused on
  • I cut down on some dialogues which I thought were unnecessary

The part where the couple kissed was stretching for an unnecessary amount of time. So I replaced that with another clip too.

The most important change in my video is the voiceover added when the images are shown. I made 5 phrases to be said when the photos show up, each signifying a stage of the relationship. Now I needed the voice to fit into how the rest of the video sounded. That meant two things, firstly very bad quality audio with scratchy vinyl, and secondly a gorgeous male transatlantic voice. the first one I didn’t have a device for, and the second one I didn’t have money for. ( because apparently knowing how to do that accent in a deep male voice costs a hefty sum which I’d have to pay to a real person.)I thought about asking a friend to do it for me, but I knew he won’t be able to pull it off the way I wanted it to be.

So I googled ‘Free voiceover online’ and found the magic of speech to text voiceovers. I chose a male voice with a British accent ( sincere thanks to the voice named ‘Brian) and typed out my phrases, adjusting the speed and pauses,as well as the emphasis, to make it sound more human. I then took this clip and found a free website which adds effects to audio clips, and added the old dial-up phone effect to the voice. And I was very satisfied with how it sounded. I then simply put these phrases when the images played.

Lastly,below is my concept note for the video:

When one thinks about trains, the first metaphor that comes up is the journey of life.

My video represents different stages of a relationship as represented by how crowded the train platform is. This made sense for me since my pictures have varying degrees of crowded platforms. The narrative starts off with a young boy taking a fancy to a girl next door. It then progresses into them dating, and him dropping the ‘I love you’ bomb a little too soon for her taste, leading to her asking for a little time to think. The boy asks an older friend for advice, who condemns the behaviour of ‘youngsters’, and how none of them understands the true meaning of love. The two realize that they’re going too fast, and decide to give things time. As time passes by, they finally realize that they’re now old enough for love, and realize its true meaning. They’re now old enough for marriage, and their union is all that the two want.

The reason why I chose this narrative is that it is something I witness and go through on a daily basis. Train travelling is a part of my daily routine, and so I look at platforms at least twice a day. Besides, the time span for this narrative is basically endless, and it can accurately represent seconds and even years.

  • Picture 1/Inception: An empty platform, showing the beginning of a relationship
  • Picture 2/ Butterflies: A sudden crowd on the platform, signifies a rush of emotions one feels when having a crush, and when feelings are mutual.
  • Picture 3/A two-way street: Shows two different platforms separated by a barrier. A will they-won’t they situation. Shows uncertainty, insecurities, and fear.
  • Picture 4/An undercurrent of exhilaration: Moderate crowd walking past. The bubbling of a realization. Recognizing true feelings for each other, and cementing the relationship.
  • Picture 5/Full Bloom: A completely packed platform. Acceptance as two parts of a whole.
  • Clip 1: What to do on a date? by Coronet Educational Films.
  • The entire video talks a very coming-of-age film and is a “tutorial” about how to successfully go out on dates. I chose this video because it represents the early stages of dating, and had the nervous energy I needed for portraying the awkwardness a couple goes through at the beginning of a relationship.
  • Clip 2: How do you know its love? by Coronet Educational Films.
  • This video is about a couple figuring out their feelings for each other. They hurry their way through a relationship and then realize that they’re too young and it’s too soon to put a definite label on their relationship. Again, this video fits in the narrative well, and I chose conversations which signal different developments in their bond.
  • Clip 3: Are you ready for marriage? by Coronet Educational Films.
  • The third clip is about a young couple, still in university, wanting to get married. The video itself talks about how a couple needs to surely be synced emotionally and want the same things in life, but the part I needed was when they are giddy with emotion and wish to marry each other.
  • Clip 4: Two sunflowers – Harold N. Ouye Home Movies: Reel 30
  • A classic homage to Bollywood. This is simply a representation of two people kissing.

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