Its Turquoise man,not Green

Drawing Week 9

Today’s class was about Colour Theory.We were all told to get printouts of colorful photos of ourselves,a gateway tracing sheet and some watercolors.

I’ve always found colour theory too technical.I’m always like,”is this really useful?” But involuntary,our minds are always using it.I realised I’m a freak for colours when I heard people say the colour names wrong.When someone says ‘skin colour’ instead of peach,or ‘green’ instead of turquoise/cyan,I don’t understand how they see colour and why they have such a small spectrum to use! I know that everyone will see colour differently according to the number of rods and cones one has,but I always like to be very specific while describing the way I see a colour.

I was not present during the class since I was out working for Studio Day.But I asked the faculty what was to be done,and got to know that I had to complete a colour grid of the chosen photo,in a way that each box of the grid had an average of the colors on the photo for that particular area.

I started this activity after I went home.For painting,I used a set of Sakura Koi watercolour cakes with the Sakura brush pen.This was really convenient since it did not involve the hassle of mixing paints separately,nor the worry of spilling/using excess water.Instead of using a gateway sheet,I used a transparent OHP sheet to see the vibrancy of the colors in my photograph better.I made two grids of the same dimension ,one on the OHP sheet and one on my watercolour card.I used thin tape on the grid lines to maintain neatness and prevent bleeding between two boxes,and a thicker tape around the border.I taped down the OHP sheet to my photograph and I was ready to fill in my boxes.

Filling in individual boxes was quite time consuming,but also fun and relaxing.

In process of filling the boxes.The pink lines are the thin tape I used.

As I filled the boxes,I went on ticking the grid on my OHP sheet.This helped keep track of how much I was done with and preventing repeating the same box again.

After I was done,I peeled off the tape(highly satisfying) and thus my grid was finished.I am happy with how it turned out!It looked like this:

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