Meet My Territory!

Integrative Studio Week 10

Almost immediately after our group was formed, we decided that our location HAS to be Colaba Causeway. We went up to the faculty,told her our location, and were told that we had to go to our selected location and make perspective drawings of some of the scenes we see.We were to try and attempt an ant eye, bird eye and a fish eye drawing.

A train ride and bus ride later,we finally all reached our location! We decided that it was a good idea to take multiple photos of everything we see. So we went around walking and snapping some photos, and of course a visit to the Causeway won’t be complete without buying a few items!

We decided to also walk to the Taj Hotel area and Gateway and snapped a few photos of them too. We ended our visit with a visit to a café and planned out our aspects in a diary.

So our final aspects were:

  1. Colour
  2. Shopping
  3. Transport
  4. Crowd
  5. Architecture
I tried to refer to this sketch, to make a fish eye perspective drawing

Everyone made their own versions of what they thought would be a perspective drawing. After getting our drawings approved from the faculty, we had to think of our next task,which was to fit in all these aspects on a map.

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