Imaging Week 13

This is a continuation to the zine process.Here on,every step is basically the same,namely:

  1. Opening scanned drawing on the first layer
  2. Tracing out the text and title on different layers
  3. Colouring in the title layer and adding a drop shadow,grouping it and keeping it aside
  4. Creating the watercolour background
  5. Opening the scanned image separately
  6. Using the Magnetic lasso/quick selection to select the character/illustration
  7. Colour correcting the illustration using Curves,Levels,Hue/Saturation,Brightness/Contrast,and Sharpen
  8. Moving selected graphic to the previous file
  9. Highlighting text with an ink brush,adding drop shadow to the illustrations
  10. Adding a page number at the bottom

So this process is literally repeated ten times!Below are a few snapshots of the process:

And below are the results!

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